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Jeroen De Meerleer

Developer / System Engineer

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System upgrades incoming

As a new major version of Linux Mint just got released I'm currently preparing to fresh install tal with the new major version.

Meanwhile I take the opportunity to replace Ubuntu for Debian on petrosian. The reason for this is because Ubuntu is less stable as Debian. Also the pushing of Canonical towards snap-packages is, in my opinion, the wrong direction

Carlsen got revised

My shield TV tube died as a result of the recent bad updates nVidia released. Given Google's push towards Google TV and subsequent cutting off features Android TV offers I didn't feel replacing carlsen with a new Shield TV. Also my guess is that Nvidia will not release a new model anymore because of the troubles Google is causing.

Therefore I decided to buy a silent mini-pc with x86_64 processor capable of running Kodi for TV and RetroArch for gaming.