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Jeroen De Meerleer

Developer / System Engineer


Here you can find the projects I'm most proud of.

For more projects go to my git-repositories


Webcron management is a webapplication which helps you to schedule tasks to be run on the web.

Advantages above Linux' crontab


There is a demo available on https://webcron-demo.jeroened.be


Head over to my gitea to download.



A php-library for reading out tournament files written by the current and former official pairing program by the Belgian Chess Federation.

Use cases

Instead of exporting your tournament to HTML in a predefined template, you can just upload the sws or swar-file and call the script to create a ranking using your own (more beautiful) template.

Originally created for automatic updates of the chess club site.

How did I do this?

Putting on my naughty shoes and asked for the source code 😅

Further updates were done using reverse engineering and trial and error.


The library is published on packagist making it easily installable with composer.

Source code is published on Github